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Episode 10: Fat…

You know the saying “Talk what you know about.” So this week Steve and Jared dig deep into today’s theme: Fat!

You can’t do a theme like “Fat” without Weird Al’s iconic parody of Bad. There’s one theme we couldn’t leave out of TV Time Out when talking about being overweight; you’ll know it when you hear it. And we hear from some of our favorite fat comedians, too. No, not Steve and Jared, other funny fat guys…

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Episode 9: Jobs…

Take a break from your job to listen to Steve and Jared do theirs!

This week our theme is “jobs,” both employment and the founder of Apple. Listen this week to hear some classic Simpsons songs about jobs, a Steve Jobs and Bill Gates rap battle, and some Adam Sandler comedy. We also debut a brand new “Weird Al” polka song. And let’s not forget a new Dial-A-Song from our friends, They Might Be Giants.

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Episode 8: They Might Be Giants (Part 2)

It’s part two of a two-hour They Might Be Giants extraordinaire!

The twin quasars of rock are coming to our sleepy burrough and we are celebrating with classic TMBG songs, rarities, and even an exclusive interview with John Flansburgh, one of the original duo of the band! Find out Steve and Jared’s top 5 They Might Be Giants songs. Can you guess our number 1 pick?

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Episode 7: They Might Be Giants (Part 1)

It’s part one of a two-hour They Might Be Giants extraordinaire!

The twin quasars of rock are coming to our sleepy burrough and we are celebrating with classic TMBG songs, rarities, live concert audio and more! You’ll be surprised at some of the places you’ve heard They Might Be Giants on the small screen in our TV Time Out. And enjoy some of their best kids songs that adults enjoy, too.

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Episode 6: TV

What’s better than our weekly “TV Time Out?” How about a full hour TV theme? You got it!

On this episode we hear songs from TV stars that you never knew could sing, parody songs about shows and original tunes inspired by TV. So, turn off your television to ironically listen to our show about television…

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Episode 5: Love

Love is in the air here at Still Demented. Romantic oddities, songs about hamster love, and tunes about love gone wrong. Try to guess the two “Weird Al” Yankovic songs we use that fit our theme. And stay tuned to the end for this week’s installment of Dial-A-Song from friends of the show, They Might Be Giants.

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Episode 4: Sports

In honor of the Super Bowl, we have a sport-themed extravaganza!

This episode features football-themed parodies you’ve never heard, classic stand up routines and of course, “Weird Al” originals. We also check in with the latest from They Might Be Giants’ Dial-A-Song. Put on your favorite jock strap and enjoy!

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Episode 3: Nerds and Geeks

All those years of being picked on have finally paid off for Steve and Jared. This week’s theme is right up their alley–Nerds and Geeks.

Get ready to hear the full-length version of “The Big Bang Theory” by Barenaked Ladies. You know there’ll be a “Weird Al” song that fits this subject. And let’s not forget our weekly installment of Dial-A-Song by the sirens of geek music–They Might Be Giants.

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Episode 2: Movies

On this episode Still Demented goes to the movies! This theme is so rich it fills the whole hour. You’ll hear the best Star Trek parody skit ever, “Star Drek,” Dr. Evil singing “Hard Knock Life” and and a new-ish parody of the hit by Gyote called “The Star Wars That I Used to Know.” Of course, we’ll have a “Weird Al” song or two. Try to guess which movie themed songs of his we’ll play. You’ll be surprised.