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Episode 16: Planes, Trains and Automobiles…

Getting your summer trip plans together? So are Steve and Jared with today’s theme of Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

Classic car songs, standup about airplane peanuts and at least one song about trains await you.

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Episode 15: Commercials…

Everyone knows the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Today, the best part of Still Demented is our commercials, because our whole show is the best commercials ever!

We’ll “buy the world a Coke,” break you a piece of that Kit-Kat bar and “plop, plop, fizz, fizz” through a sponsor free hour of ads and jingles that you can’t stop singing along with. Join us for this ironically commercial-free hour of fun!

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Episode 14: The Great Outdoors…

Summer is coming! Let’s get ready for the the great outdoors by making that this week’s theme.

Campfire songs, getting lost in the woods, and finding yourself up a creek without a paddle: all things we know and say we loved once we get back home. Grab your headphones and download this podcast to listen in the wild green yonder.

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Episode 13: Presidents and Politics…

We get political in this week’s show. But don’t worry, only in a demented way!

Whether you lean left, right or just slightly off, you have keep a sense of humor about politics. In this episode we hear tribute songs to our past presidents, songs remembering our most forgettable presidents and even some jokes told by POTUS. And let’s not forget our weekly Dial-A-Song by friends of the show, They Might Be Giants.

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Episode 12: Dances…

What has two left feet and loves zanny music? Steve and Jared, of course!

This week we share our favorite toe-tapping tunes. We’re not rehashing the Macarena or Electric Slide. Learn the Juicy Wiggle, try out the Curly Shuffle or dance along with Disco Duck. Does “Weird Al” have a dance song? Listen and find out…

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Rebroadcast: Food…

Hey Dementees! Steve and Jared are taking a week off, but we didn’t want to leave you hanging. Here’s a replay of our very first episode of Still Demented, all about Food. We’ll see you next week with a new episode. Enjoy!

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Episode 11: Children’s Music…

Steve and Jared’s arrested development becomes the muse for today’s theme: Children’s Music.

Find your inner child with classic themes from shows you grew up watching. Check out a great Schoolhouse Rock parody we found by The Simpsons. We also find some kids songs by hit bands. And let’s not forget we also have our weekly installment of Dial-a-Song from our friends They Might Be Giants.

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Episode 10: Fat…

You know the saying “Talk what you know about.” So this week Steve and Jared dig deep into today’s theme: Fat!

You can’t do a theme like “Fat” without Weird Al’s iconic parody of Bad. There’s one theme we couldn’t leave out of TV Time Out when talking about being overweight; you’ll know it when you hear it. And we hear from some of our favorite fat comedians, too. No, not Steve and Jared, other funny fat guys…

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Episode 9: Jobs…

Take a break from your job to listen to Steve and Jared do theirs!

This week our theme is “jobs,” both employment and the founder of Apple. Listen this week to hear some classic Simpsons songs about jobs, a Steve Jobs and Bill Gates rap battle, and some Adam Sandler comedy. We also debut a brand new “Weird Al” polka song. And let’s not forget a new Dial-A-Song from our friends, They Might Be Giants.

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Episode 8: They Might Be Giants (Part 2)

It’s part two of a two-hour They Might Be Giants extraordinaire!

The twin quasars of rock are coming to our sleepy burrough and we are celebrating with classic TMBG songs, rarities, and even an exclusive interview with John Flansburgh, one of the original duo of the band! Find out Steve and Jared’s top 5 They Might Be Giants songs. Can you guess our number 1 pick?