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Episode 9: Jobs…

Take a break from your job to listen to Steve and Jared do theirs!

This week our theme is “jobs,” both employment and the founder of Apple. Listen this week to hear some classic Simpsons songs about jobs, a Steve Jobs and Bill Gates rap battle, and some Adam Sandler comedy. We also debut a brand new “Weird Al” polka song. And let’s not forget a new Dial-A-Song from our friends, They Might Be Giants.

One thought on “Episode 9: Jobs…

  1. Haven’t heard the “Telephone Man” song since the old Dr. Demento show!
    Still very funny… thanks for playing both old and newer stuff we won’t hear basically anywhere else that I know of, anyway.
    The Cheech Marin bus driver song you played a week or so ago was precious, sweet and funny …Keep up the good work guys- Americans need all the positivity and laughs we can get right now, especially the non- political stuff, which isn’t really funny when you think about the real life effects part of it.
    Your show rocks!

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