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Episode 27: Dogs…

Still Demented is going to the dogs! This week our theme is all America’s best friend. It fits since Steve loves dogs and Jared smells like a wet dog. It was pretty hard finding a good “Weird Al” song that fits this theme, but the guys got something. And don’t forget to be on the lookout for this week’s all new Dial-A-Song from friends of the show, They Might Be Giants.

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Episode 26: Labor / Star Trek

Since Steve and Jared are always being accused of being pregnant, they’re talking about  child birth this week. Songs about pregnancies, stand up about babies keeping you up and more.

But wait, there’s more…

Celebrating the 52nd anniversary of Star Trek, there’s all sorts of fun Star Trek material to laugh at and enjoy.

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Episode 25: Doctors…

No, Steve and Jared are not real doctors, but they play one on the radio. Today we talk about the apple’s arch nemesis, the doctor. Not just the kind you are thinking of. We also have Doctor Who, witch doctors and more. Wash your hands up to your elbows and join us in the ER for today’s episode of Still Demented!

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Episode 24: Aliens…

So many people accuse Steve and Jared of being from outer space they decided to dedicate a whole hour to aliens. What’s happening on Mars? What’s it like to be abducted and probed? Are the odd folk at Walmart actually from this planet? The answer to these questions and more get answered today on Still Demented!

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Episode 23: Animals

They’re hairy, wild and only partially housebroken. Of course, I’m talking about Steve and Jared. Oh, and also animals. This week we hear wacky music and zany standup about cats, dogs, horses, elephants and more.

And remember, have your Steves and Jareds spade or neutered.

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Episode 22: Back To School…

Back to school time is worse for teachers than it is for students. Since Steve and Jared are both also teachers, it’s fresh on their minds. In this week we play all of the classic songs from Yester-year as well as current education riffs. You’ll never guess today’s Weird Al song for this subject.

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Episode 21: Money…

It may be the root of all evil, but it’s also the root of our weekly theme: Money!

Sure, Steve and Jared are light in the wallet, but they have a lot to share about finances. From Monty Python to Weird Al and even stars like Elvis and Willie Nelson; everybody has something to say about money. Cash inspired parodies, standup and more on this week’s free show!

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Episode 20: Rednecks…

Throw on your favorite pair of chaps and largest 10-gallon hats!

This week Steve and Jared are going full-on Redneck. Of course we’ll be hearing from Jeff Foxworthy, but we also play parodies, TV themes and a hick-like Weird-Al song or two. And don’t forget our weekly Dial-A-Song from our friends at They Might Be Giants.

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Episode 19: The Muppets and Sesame Street…

It’s time to play demented music
It’s time to turn it up
It’s time to meet Steve and Jared
on Still Demented tonight!

Our very special theme this week is The Muppets and Sesame Street. You’ll hear classic originals, tribute songs, parodies, standup about Jim Henson’s lovable characters and more. Take a trip to your inner child with us!

Can you tell me how to get? How to get Still Demented?